Roses are referred to as the “Queen of Flowers” and stand as a symbol of love and beauty. Besides offering fragrance , roses are enriched with crucial benefits.

Roses are extraordinary flowers that are beyond perfection; hence, they are known as the “Queen of Flowers.” It is revered as a sign of beauty and love. With their vibrantly hued blossoms, velvety petals, and enticing aroma, they are enriched with crucial benefits. 

Rose flowers offer abundant antioxidants and essential vitamins to reduce ageing, increase immunity, unclog blocked pores, lighten and tone the skin, and give it a radiant, glowing appearance. Valued for its alluring scent and ability to enhance beauty, the rose is appreciated for treating holistic ailments like depression, cough, cold, stomach problems, headaches, and dizziness.

Roses have a unique fragrance, a low calorie count, and a high nutrient content. They have a broad spectrum of health advantages and have found their way into culinary uses. Whether used to make tea, jams, pickles, syrups, ice creams, salads, pies, or other beverages or foods, rose petals and flower buds’ medicinal qualities not only increase the food’s therapeutic value but also elevate its flavour.

Here are some interesting ways to consume roses

Rose syrup

A delicious syrup that is sweet, floral, and can be used in a variety of beverages and pastries can be made by capturing the exquisite aroma and flavour of the rose!

Jams and jellies
Rose hips and petals, whether they are fresh or dried, are perfect for preparing jam with a sweet, flowery flavour. Rose can also be consumed as a jelly on top of bread, croissants, baklava, or ice cream.

Fresh rose petals provide a beautiful and aromatic garnish for baked goods, soups, and alcoholic beverages such as mocktails. Rose petals can also be frozen into ice cubes of different shapes for an extra hint of exquisite sweetness and style.

Herbal tea
Rose petals and buds are used to make numerous fragrant herbal beverages, some sweet and others bitter. Also, drinking hot water with steeped dried rose petals offers various benefits. Polyphenols in rose tea protect our body against cellular deterioration, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and cognitive disorders.

With numerous benefits mentioned above, don’t forget to add this nutritious and fragrant herb to your diet.