The Memorial Day Tribute

An Ecuadorian Bouquet for Gold Star Families at Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day Weekend

Every Memorial Day Weekend more than 10,000 families visit Arlington National Cemetery to pay their respects to their interred relatives, friends and “service buddies”. If you served, you know who your “service buddies” were.

Many go to Section 60, which has been called the “saddest acre in America”. It is the area that holds the remains of troops who died in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Cuenca Expat Magazine and “The Rose Guy” are partnering with the Memorial Day Flowers Foundation so that each family and friends receives an Ecuadorian Rose Bouquet to be placed at loved ones and friends graves.

Bouquets will be given out on Memorial Avenue to Family Pass Holders throughout the weekend. On Memorial Day Monday a distribution table will be placed at Section 60 for all family and friends who are visiting graves.

Please consider a donation of $10.00 to cover the cost of an Ecuadorian Rose Bouquet and shipping to Arlington National Cemetery.

The Memorial Day Flowers Foundation, incorporated in 2012, is a 501(c)3 non-profit under Washington D.C. law.

Ramiro Peñaherrera

The Memorial Day Flowers Foundation