Sunflowers (genus Helianthus) is one of the earliest growing flowers(earliest to grow) and is native to North America and Sunflower is blooming. Sunlight is presentable as a gift, has wedding gifts, home decorations, church decorations, and some Sunlights have different uses and advantage some of which are: The leaves are used as fodder, the flowers yield a yellow dye, and the seeds contain oil and are used for food. Sunflower seeds are typically used to make oil, birdseed, and for snacking. They have lots of calcium and 11 other important minerals…Order for yours now!!!
The stems are 32 in.


Sunflowers are definitely the flowers that lifts anyone’s spirits up. This is because they are so cheery and bright! They resemble the sun and that is probably why they are the crowd’s favorite. As a matter of fact, the name “sunflower” derived from the greeks Helios – Sun, and Anthos – Flowers and they were named that because they typically face the sun. These “happy“ flowers symbolize adoration, loyalty, and longevity which makes them perfect for any occasion, such as country chic weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, engagement parties, rehearsal dinners, gender reveals or just as a gift to bring joy to someone’s day!

    • Bloom Size Approximately: 4.3 inches
    • The box includes detailed care instructions
    • Cut and shipped directly from our farm upon order.
    • Note. Please allow for small discrepancies in the color hue due differences in monitor resolution and subtle climatic changes during the growing season.


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